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VA Replica Medallions for placement on cemetary markers, niche markers and other memorials. All medallions are made of bronze. Prior to purchasing your medallion, please contact your veteran's cemetery or final resting place, and verify that placement of this medallion on your marker is appropriate and feasible.

For Veterans interested in submitting a claim for the new medallion

This new product is furnished in lieu of a traditional Government headstone or marker for those Veterans whose death occurred on or after Nov. 1, 1990, and whose grave in a private cemetery is marked with a privately purchased headstone marker. All others must purchase them.

For Veterans interested in submitting a claim for the new medallion, instructions on how to apply for a medallion will be updated on the NCA Web site at

Until a new form specifically for ordering the medallion is available, applications can be found through the link above.

Veteran Stories

Veteran: Marcus Addison Dugger

Marcus Addison Dugger, 1918-1995.  Marcus served in WWII  in the Phillipines with the Army.  He had married his high school sweetheart, Wyoneen Perry just before leaving.  Wyoneen moved to Mississipi and worked in one of the war factories while he was gone..
Marcus had a life long love affair with trains and ended up working for Seaboard Coastline Railroad most of his life.  His other life long love affair was with Wyoneen, or "Babe" as he always...
Story By: Karen Dugger Johnson

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Veteran: John Salistan

I served in Korea for the Navy and purchased a medallion myself for my headstone.

I served for 4 years on an LST 715, a landing ship tank.  Serving in the Korea war was the most important thing I have ever done.

I have no family left and wanted to make sure this medallion would be placed on my marker.

Story By: John Salistan

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Veteran: Private Brad Schmidt

Private Brad Schmidt, Army, deceased veteran, died in 1926. After WW I, He was riding his horse herding sheep in a field and his wife looked out of the horse drawn camp wagon she was in and couldn't find him. She could see a little flame out in the field. She walked out there and he and his horse had been struck by lightening and the horse, a huge white stallion, was actually on fire. They both died from the lightening strike.

Private Schmidt served in the machine gun battallion. He...
Story By: Dennis Schmidt

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Veteran: William Gavin Mandery

William Gavin Mandery, went by Gavin.  He was born December 24, 1919 and deceased  June 4, 1984.  He served in the China Burma Theater for the Air Force in WWII.  He really didn't like to talk about the war, but, was so proud to have served and be a member of the Air Force.  He was a part owner of a business in the automobile industry after service.

Story By: Betty Mandery

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Veteran: Johnnes (John) Schleining

I purchased the "Medallion" for my Father's marker, as he is interned in a Civilian Cemetery. My Father, Johnnes (John) Schleining was the son of immigrant Germans to America in 1906, he was a first born in the United States generation in 1914.

 John served in the United States Army During World War Two as a Combat Engineer, Demolition Expert. He was very proud of his Military Service, his Country and believed sincerely in our way of life and in defending it. Being ethnic...
Story By: Gerald J. Schleining Sr.

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